Solar Water
Solar Water

Residential Solar Water Heating

Eco Smart solar thermal system offers an extremely smart way of generating hot water by the sun.

Eco Smart solar water heating systems are well engineered to fulfill high demands of hot water for residential and commercial use. The new geometry of the heating element, shorter and thicker, allows more homogeneous consumption and consequently longer lifetime. The system can be offered with different design options for villas, apartments, swimming pools, commercial and industrial applications.

Our solar thermal water heating system is eco friendly, cost effective. Eco Smart systems made up with the best material available as the steel tank with exclusive titanium-based enamel treatment, the copper hydraulic circuit and chassis guarantee high reliability, corrosion proof and very long life cycle. The special tempered glass with low content iron assures very high protection against the hail, and against the collector’s loading. The magnesium anode guarantees corrosion proof protection and longer lifetime.


Water heating is your best solar value with two to three times more economic than Solar Photovoltaic depends on the region.  Eco Smart Solar Water Heating Systems can operate in any region whether in Australia, Middle East, or in Asian countries.


  • Compared to all other alternative energy options, solar hot water is the most economical choice for your home’s renewable energy needs. 
  • Government incentives exist, which could significantly reduce the cost of a new system.

Simple and Easy Installation

• An Eco Smart system can be installed easily for most applications.
• Very little service or maintenance is required for the life of the system
• Once installed, the system is fully automated

Added Value for Your Home

Adding a Solar Water Heater to a home increases resale value by at least the cost of the entire system


  • Eco Smart systems can easily operate 20 years or more without needing any serious maintenance
  • Our solar collectors are able to withstand the harshest environments

High Return on Your Investment

  • With available incentives, an Eco Smart Water Heating System will usually pay for itself within 2 – 6 years.
  • You will significantly reduce your water-heating bills by hundreds of dollars annually.

High Return on Your Investment

  • Everyone can make a difference. Installing solar hot water solution and it is a proactive step in combating global warming, helping to preserve our environment.

Commercial Solar Water Heating

Eco Smart is proud to offer full line of Solar Water Heating Solutions for your domestic or commercial facilities. Solar Water Heating is most economical way of  harvesting the free energy from the sun, available throughout the year. Eco Smart’s Residential and Commercial Solar Water Heaters can greatly reduce operating costs and carbon emissions. We could provide custom made Solar Thermal Solutions designed to meet the customer’s specific needs and application requirements.

System Benefits

  • High efficiency performance, Ease installation 
  • Complete over-temperature protection
  • Weather-proof seal, Highly insulated to reduce heat loss
  • Engineered specifically for your requirements
  • Highly efficient use of available solar energy
  • Low running costs
  • Instantaneous hot water supply
  • Precise temperature control
  • Total freeze protection
  • Scalable and Expandable to meet demands of over 1,000 l/day
  • Flexible storage to meet any existing space constraints

Financial Benefits

  1. Energy costs for water heating reduced up to 70% or even more.
  2. Reduces utility bills and reduces carbon footprint
  3. Substantial return on investment and system payback.
  4. Reduces operating costs – provides a hedge against rising energy costs and inflation.

Engineering Benefits

  1. Easy building integration.
  2. Easy installation and plug-in.
  3. Operate all year round.
  4. Low maintenance & high durability.
  5. Highly efficient and cost effective.

Environmental Benefits

  1. A 100LPD Solar Water Heater can replace a 2KW electric geyser and save upto 1500 units / annum
  2. Payback period is three to five years. Good Return of investment (ROI)
  3. Two types of systems are being promoted. Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) and Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC). Options are available.
  4. The installation of 1000 Solar Water Heating Systems of 100 LPD capacity contribute to peak load saving 1 MW and 100 LPD system contributes to 1.5 ton of CO2 emission reduction

Corporate Benefits

  1. Renewable Energy Certificate or LEED certificate available to mark your corporate value to your organization and benefit from green power market.
  2. Eco Smart Commercial Solar Water Heaters can be integrated with a Heat Pump for 24/7 hot water.
  3. Eco Smart provides dedicated engineering resource for system sizing. We help architectural and engineering firms to meet specified requirements.
  4. Eco Smart provides professional system sizing reports detailing solar contribution, collector area, energy consumption, energy savings, carbon offsets and graphical potential data charts to customers.
  5. Energy metering to confirm system performance to validate solar / renewable energy contribution.
  6. Eco Smart has practical Solar Water Heating solutions for Commercial Laundry, Hospitality industry and for Process Water Applications.
Harness the Power of Sun, Use Eco Smart Solar Thermal Systems

Start with solar

Start your sustainable energy approach with solar water heating. A solar system not only showcases your commitment to the environment, it can increase your property value at the same time.

Save your heating bill

Putting the sun to work saves you as much as 60% on your hot water bill or up to 25% when using solar energy for hot water heating. There’s more than enough sunlight to go around, so sit back and enjoy your savings.

Show that you care

Plus, with a solar system on your roof you make a real statement. Show your community that you care and take a lead role in protecting our tomorrow.


Eco Smart Solar Water Heating Systems can be used effectively to reduce the high cost of heating water in many commercial applications.
A well maintained system will have an expected life of more than 20 years.